Fog is part of my life every day where I live. To me, it is more than just a weather phenomenon: It symbolizes the delicate balance between light and darkness, the meeting point of dreams and reality, cold and warmth. 

My ‘Fog’ collection is a celebration of contrasting elements that dance harmoniously together. The warmth these designs are infused with gives a sense of enchantment and intrigue. Designs emerge from the fog that are suggestive of vapor floating through the air. Gentle shades of lavender, pale blue, and muted pink evoke the serenity that envelopes the fog-laden landscape. The warmer colors - with hints of pink, red and cream - reminds everyone that beauty can emerge from the most unexpected places. Each piece tells a story of its own while captivating hearts and minds.


Daily Walks


My husband and I walk every day; he always gives me leaves or flowers that he finds, with very special colors and shapes. It’s one of our languages. From this collection, I have created three mini collections, Daily Walks – Mornings; Daily Walks-Sunset; Daily Walks Fall; Daily Walks is simplicity; Daily Walks is love, friendship, and partnership.


Daily Walks


How to keep these feelings, the meaning of these ‘gifts’, forever, as it’s all about how close Brad and I are; these little gestures done almost every day are full of love, friendship, care. These walks are also the moment when we talk about our day; we laugh; or we just walk in silence feeling the air, and looking at nature.


Daily Walks


I hand-draw many of them; I paint or scan some of them; sometimes it is just about creating a feeling or sensation so I design accordingly. Once I begin working on my laptop, I start creating the pattern by adding colors and putting them together. I want to make them appear soft, timeless, simple, and organic.



Christmas is a time to gather, to bring everybody together; it is celebrated almost all around the globe, in both the Southern and Northern hemispheres with different traditions. In one hemisphere is winter -- and in the other is summer -- so colors are different.



This collection was born with the intention to bring this holiday everywhere; mixing traditional colors and symbols with unique ones; winter gets warmer with colors brought in from summer.

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