Daily Walks


My husband and I walk every day; he always gives me leaves or flowers that he finds, with very special colors and shapes. It’s one of our languages. From this collection, I have created three mini collections, Daily Walks – Mornings; Daily Walks-Sunset; Daily Walks Fall; Daily Walks is simplicity; Daily Walks is love, friendship, and partnership.


Daily Walks


How to keep these feelings, the meaning of these ‘gifts’, forever, as it’s all about how close Brad and I are; these little gestures done almost every day are full of love, friendship, care. These walks are also the moment when we talk about our day; we laugh; or we just walk in silence feeling the air, and looking at nature.


Daily Walks


I hand-draw many of them; I paint or scan some of them; sometimes it is just about creating a feeling or sensation so I design accordingly. Once I begin working on my laptop, I start creating the pattern by adding colors and putting them together. I want to make them appear soft, timeless, simple, and organic.



Christmas is a time to gather, to bring everybody together; it is celebrated almost all around the globe, in both the Southern and Northern hemispheres with different traditions. In one hemisphere is winter -- and in the other is summer -- so colors are different.



This collection was born with the intention to bring this holiday everywhere; mixing traditional colors and symbols with unique ones; winter gets warmer with colors brought in from summer.

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