I am an artist from the heart;

when designing or painting, color is the thing that shows me how to go; I am in love with colors and shapes, which have been two very important elements in my work.

I use them as inspiration also when cooking, reading or walking. I am always aware of the many colors and shapes that exist in nature.

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3 Patterns

The shapes on my designs purposefully are not perfect; they tend to be organic; they come mostly from leaves or flowers that I hand draw, paint or stamp first and then create the pattern. Imperfection is beauty also, and gives a sense of acceptance, humanity. I try to transform it into delicate patterns. I am methodic in my process but I love simple results; I seek sophistication without too many details.


My abstract work is a very personal experience; it enables me to eliminate preconceived elements, forcing me to play around with the unknown; there is always a fear of not finding meaning through the shapes and colors that I want to use, but eventually it all makes sense.

That sensation, like a roller coaster, is what pushes me to continue diving into my head and heart for further discovery.

I start by deciding which colors to use; once I have tried several combinations on a piece of paper, I take my pencils and brushes and let my mind go; I never finish a piece in a short period of time: I go back many times; eventually, all is there.


Interested in licensing my patterns?